How to reinvent the second half of your professional life?

When we choose a profession in our younger years, we usually think that we will pursue it for life. But of course, there are several factors that perhaps we do not take into account…

Imagine this scenario: it’s Friday afternoon and you’ve had a ceremony … One of your office colleagues is celebrating his 30th anniversary with the company. As a reward for all those years of diligent and loyal work, a cake and a silver pen with your name await you. Suddenly, you realize that you don’t want to be that person, that you want a change, that you need a change in your career. Something more than a cake and a pen with your name that, surely, you could buy yourself. 

For some people, it might be saying that their career is their life purpose, but for others, their career or job is a way to earn money to live.

And you have you ever stopped to think if you could choose between your career and your purpose? If the answer is still not entirely clear, we want to guide you so that you can understand how to reinvent the second half of your professional life, your career, and your life purpose.

Let’s use celebrities in the music and film industry as an example: they are constantly reinventing themselves. They change the color of their hair, the way they dress, and even change their names. All of this is to adapt to the ever-changing career they have chosen to pursue.

Reinvention is a healthy way to follow your intuition and stay on track so that your career fills you up. 

Challenge your internal dialogue

Have you ever sat in your office and found your inner voice yelling at you?

We have all been through the same situation. In my case, my intuition told me that we had to help women close the gender pay gap. You will think, and we agree with you, that it was not a career invention as such, but we had to start a business from scratch and leave my steady job to do it.

There are very simple steps to help you identify what your career would look like and your purpose. So how can you achieve the career of the century or even the year reinvention?

A starting point is that you know your strengths and find what you are passionate about, which is a bit of a two-in-one because both are in tune. Do you know that one of your strengths is that you are great with people and your passion is helping others?

Make a list of your strengths first

That’s right, don’t be shy, we’re all good at something. If you really find yourself struggling, ask a colleague. Make a list of careers that you would be passionate about. Maybe it’s educating the young, or making a difference in an engineering company. Sit down with your list for a day or so – which one ignites a spark of passion within you? Now combine your strengths and your ideal career and pay attention to what appears.

Consider the big picture: How would this reinvention affect your life?

Often we forget to think about ourselves, we mean personal care, and you know the point where you stop thinking about family and the million things you have to do. The point where you stop and think about how a career change could impact you.

Again, make a list of all the positive aspects of how a career reinvention could affect your life. Would it make you a happier person? Would your family benefit from this passionate new person?

Once you realize the positive impact that reinvention can have, your motivation to succeed will increase. You will see the end goal, and not reaching it is not an option.

Continuous learning

Everything is changing all the time. The only way to stay ahead is by making learning part of your daily routine. For that, it is advisable to read blogs, books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. In the same way, it is easy to stay up-to-date through 100% distance courses, which allow you to learn by doing from anywhere. 

Set realistic expectations

We have to be the voice of reminding you that there will always be challenges to change your career.

Maybe your new passion and career mean taking a pay cut, moving to another city, or even quitting your job for a while to study again. Make a list of pros and cons and be truthful, don’t skimp on the cons. Life can always challenge your path, but once you accept them and find a way to work with them, everything will be possible.

Dedication for your career

Most of us have to work, so why not find something you want to do? Careers are there to be nurtured like anything else important in your life. If you feel like now is the time to reinvent your career, you just need a hand or voice of motivation.

The detailed aspects have to do with our ability to “reinvent your professional life and yourselves.” And it is that, to be employable, it is essential to have this skill to be able to reinvent ourselves professionally based on our tastes and interests. But also analyzing what type of profiles the world of work requires in general and each industry in particular.   

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