Being Busy vs. Being Productive!

How to be more productive and balance your present and future needs?

Although they might seem like the same thing, being busy and being productive are actually different. The difference can be compared to running on a treadmill and running to an actual destination. It’s the perfect analogy to explain the difference between both things. Both activities involve running, but one takes you nowhere while the other has a destination.

We are not here to attack being busy and label it “bad”; that’s far from the point. The point is being busy is not as being productive and sometimes it might make you feel stuck in the same place.

Here we will explore the difference and relationship between being busy and being productive.

Why is being busy is like running in your place?

                Being busy doing the tasks of your to-do-list is a great thing. But sometimes, it feels like you’re not doing anything, even though you’ve just accomplished ten tasks on your to-do-list. This is because we are creatures of habit and once we’re good at doing something, we like to repeat doing it.

However, over time, it feels less and less exciting and we may get the impression that we’re stuck in one place. We cannot move forward or progress because we are stuck doing the same tasks on the to-do-list over and over.

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that what you’ve done is the same as what you always do and there’s nothing new.

Transformation requires stepping outside our comfort zone!

                This is an advice that all professional musicians will give you. For example, if you learned something on your instrument, that’s great and fantastic, now, you can do that. But repeating the same thing over and over will be boring to you and the people who listen to your music.

                You have to expand your expertise by stepping outside your comfort zone. By incorporating new techniques and practicing how to do other things, you can expand yourself. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but practice always makes better.

Being busy is about the present

                Being busy is concerned with the present. It’s like trying to make the present moment perfect (which is not a negative thing). Having accomplished the tasks of the present is often good, but the problem with that mentality is that it strips you from the future. The future will come eventually, and you’ll feel as if you’re stuck at being what you’ve always been.

Being productive is about the future

                When you aim at the future and what you want to become, which not the ‘present-you’ (otherwise, why strive for it), you actually realize the areas of your life where you are not adequate enough.

Let’s assume you want to be a good non-fiction writer, a journalist for example. The ‘present-you’ is a great fiction writer who can imagine the most wonderful stories, but when it comes to reporting or writing a news story, you feel stuck.

What you should do is stop being busy writing fiction all the time, and make time for practicing writing non-fiction. Being productive is about the ‘present-you’ who is not good at writing non-fiction and ‘future-you’ who will become good after practicing. That’s what productivity is about.

Being Busy vs. Being Productive!

                It seems like the optimal solution is balance. Balance is always good in everything. When you balance one foot on the present and the other on the future, you’ll be both busy and productive.

                You will not feel stuck in your place, and you won’t also wander away, aimlessly, without a firm ground. Try to always accomplish your to-do-list tasks. But don’t be too involved with them. Instead, try to add things on your list that challenge you to become better in the future.


                Transformation is about changing the stagnant present into a vibrant future!  Dare to imagine a better future and be strong in your will to reach that.

Falling is not a problem when you get up and walk right over. As long as you have a destination in mind and the will to reach it in your heart, climbing mountains and trekking deserts will feel easy. Just don’t stay in the same place for a long time; your journey is ahead.

Motivation and productivity are a combination of mental and physical activities. The mental power engine is your mind. However, the physical aspect is both the work of your body and the equipment you have. The better equipment you have, the more productive you are. Your mind and body work more efficiently when you have the right tools. To make the task of finding great equipment, Office and Crafts offer everything you need. From furniture to specialized software for professionals. Check out the office supplies section, where you can find everything a professional needs.

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